The Radio B-Town Family

Here at Radio B-Town studios in Quilton, we have been proudly serving our community with friendly, informative radio since 1999. We are committed to bringing quality progamming to our community and beyond.

Our Staff:

Quincy Weaver – Host of our flagship broadcast Radio B-Town Morning with news, views and interviews that start your morning on the right side of the bed. Now available in a new evening edition.

Pam Paulson – Segment producer on The Passionate Ear and Pruning with Pride a weekly gardening feature.

Pam Paulson - Listen to her of Pruning with Pride and The Passionate Ear

Jeremy Dimitrivic – Investigative reporter for The Passionate Ear bringing the world to your ear with insightful stories about the human struggle.

Jeremy Dimitrivic - Field reporter for The Passionate Ear on Radio B-Town

Xavier Cran – Playwright, Artist and Curator of the St. Godsworth Artists Coop Gallery in St. Godsworth is the host of  Artspeak making sense of the intruiging art world in the Big Lake Two-Rivers region.

Artist, Playwright, Curator and Host of ArtSpeak

Xavier Cran - Host of ArtSpeak

Blaze Rickenbacker – Your one-stop source for financial news and money-market updates. Trust Blaze to give it to you straight on the Moneytalks segment of Radio B-Town News.

Blaze Rickenbacker - Our financial expert and business reporter

The Big Lake region:



St. Godsworth

Burnt Falls

Prince Albert

Big-Lake Junction



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